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Huge Crowd Turned Out to Tell City Hall, “No Deal!”

AFSCME 3090 Joins City Unions, Community Groups at Noontime Rally

More than 1,000 Los Angeles City employees and supporters, including a lively contingent from AFSCME 3090, turned out for the Day of Action on Oct. 28 to march on City Hall. Chanting, “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” protestors marched from downtown’s Financial District to the steps of City Hall to let City leaders know they will not stand for bad bank deals that are costing the city millions of dollars, reducing city services or creating higher payments for employee health care.

AFSCME 3090 president Alice Goff and Board member Eva Espinosa spoke at the rally and got the crowd revved up, denouncing the bad deals and cuts city leaders have made that have driven city services into the ground. The message was clear as we continue with our negotiations with the City: We won’t take it! No deal!



Vote Nov.4!

Remember to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 4! So much is at stake for city workers, and workers throughout California. Use these links from your union as a guide to candidates and ballot measures this Election Day.

AFSCME District Council 36’s Local and State Endorsements
AFSCME California’s General Statewide Endorsements

Endorsement: Sheila Kuehl for the 3rd Supervisorial District

Kuehl brings a solid understanding of the problems in the jails, in foster care and in other aspects of the county's work that is nearly unparalleled for someone not already working in the county arena. That's in part because she has devoted much of her life to championing people in need and on the margins of society — precisely the people county government is intended to serve. And it is in part because Kuehl served 14 years in the Legislature, mastering the intricacies not just of policy but of subjects as mundane yet crucial as funding streams and federal regulations and waivers.


Opinion: What's the Right Minimum Wage for Los Angeles?

How about $15, which is the figure proposed in a ballot initiative now being circulated in L.A.? The Economic Roundtable, in a study commissioned by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, said that wage was needed for a worker in a high-cost city like Los Angeles to achieve what the Fair Labor Standards Act calls the minimum standard for “well-being.” The report said an employee working full time (35 hours or more) and earning $15 an hour would be paid at least $26,250 a year, which is roughly twice the federal poverty threshold for a one- or two-person household.



Labor Groups Want L.A. City Attorney to File Complaint on Bank Deals

Fix LA is pressing for city officials to file a complaint with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the largest independent securities regulator in the U.S., arguing that underwriters for the bond deal violated the principle of “fair dealing.”



Bargaining Update: City Proposes to Take More From Workers and Residents We Serve

Despite the fact that CAO Miguel Santana admits that the local economy has rebounded, City of Los Angeles revenues are in recovery – City Controller Ron Galperin just reported that City revenues are nearly $87 million more than expected – and the City Reserve Fund is the highest it’s EVER BEEN, the City is demanding that middle class City workers agree to millions of dollars in new wage and health care cuts.




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Coalition of L.A. City Unions
View the presentation on the 2014 negotiations: We're Fighting to Fix L.A.

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Note: There is no membership meeting in December. The Nov. 5 meeting will be the last of 2014.

Oct. 28 - Day of Action! We're marching to City Hall to say NO DEAL. Click here for more info.

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