Teresa Sanchez

Teresa Sanchez, Business Representative, DC 36

Business Representative Teresa Sanchez is a true believer – not only in progressive politics but in the collective power of organized labor. Coming from a Los Angeles union family, Teresa was inspired by the power of many working together to make change, which led her to become a community organizer and political activist.

After a long stint with SEIU, Sanchez went to the Mayor's Office to work on a workforce development program before arriving at AFSCME District Council 36 in 2014. As a Business Rep, she serves members of both Local 3090 and Local 2626 Librarian's Guild. In the last three years, she has been very instrumental in working with the Coalition of City Unions, the Mayor's office and the city personnel department, developing the policy and process for the implementation of the Targeted Local Hire program portion of the settlement agreement out if the last negotiations.

Teresa says she is continually encouraged by the members' dedicated service to the public they serve. She hopes that members know that their hard work is greatly appreciated and keeps those frontline services stronger. She also wants them to know the union is here to serve them.

"I want members to know they can come to me with any questions, problems or concerns, whether it's personal or something for a coworker, or something they want management to know about. We can help them communicate. That's what we're here for," Sanchez says.


Ling Esangga

Lylwyn "Ling" Esangga, Business Agent, DC 36

Ling Esangga has been with AFSCME District Council 36 for less than six months, but already she's a pro at getting out to meet members, getting around the city, and figuring out the system. Representing Local 3090 members at LAPD, City Firehouses and at the airports, she handles dozens of members' grievances, meet and confers and various MOU issues. Ling hails from Chicago, and first started her union career with the Teamsters in San Bernardino. Now she is proud to don the AFSCME green here in LA!

Ling said it's important to her to be out as much as possible, introducing herself to as many members as she can.

"I was taught a saying: 'If you're in the office that means you're not doing your work.' Because the membership is out there. I love seeing the members and understanding what their work is, and the best way to understand that is in their worksite."

Ling says she's always on hand to be "an ear" to the members, listening to their problems. She wants members to know she is a resource and an educator for those who want to be empowered in their workplace. "That's what the union is here for."



Local 3090 Representatives:

Teresa Sanchez
Office: (213) 487-9887 ext. 331
Cell: (213) 220-2383

Luciana Giorgi
Office: (213) 487-9887 ext. 335

General Local 3090 Office: (213) 487-9887 ext. 340
In case of emergency, dial "0" for the operator.

Local 3090 Representative Assignments:

Teresa Sanchez

  • Building & Safety
  • City Attorney's Office
  • Economic & Workforce Development
  • Dept. of Public Works
  • Finance
  • Fire Police Pension
  • General Services
  • Harbor
  • ITA
  • Planning
  • Police Dept. (not PSRs)

Carlos Mejia

  • Aging
  • Airport – Airport Guides
  • City Clerk
  • Controller's Office
  • Cultural Affairs
  • Dept. on Disability
  • El Pueblo
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Dept.
  • Neighborhood Empowerment
  • Pensions (LACERS)
  • Personnel
  • PSRS
  • Rec. & Parks (FT)

Luciana Giorgi

  • Animal Services
  • CLA
  • Dept. of Transportation
  • Library
  • Rec. & Parks (Clerical PT)
  • Zoo

AFSCME Local 3090 Recognized Stewards

In addition to the union's business representatives, the following Executive Board members of Local 3090 have jurisdiction in all areas:

Carmen Hayes-Walker, President
Eva Espinoza, Vice President
Adriane Buchanan, Secretary
Alice Goff, Treasurer
Monica Delatorre, Central Area Coord.
Felix Rodriguez, Central Area Coord.
Sherry Gardner, South Area Coord.
Kathryn Peters, West Area Coord.
Tiffany Hall, Valley Area Coord.


UPDATED list of AFSCME Local 3090 designated STEWARDS

Who have rights and protections under the MOU and the Employee Relations Ordinance, and may assist you:

Howard, Gale F.
Lott, Bonita L.
Martinez-Ramirez, Katy L.
Paul, Carlann
Spears-Nash, Rosalind

Building & Safety
Wade, Tatia

City Attorney
Estrada, Yolanda M.
Lam, Quyen T.

CDD Human Services
Lyons, Renon Y.

Convention Center
El Pueblo
Giangiuli, Gloria R.
Sandoval, Julie

Fire Department
Hogan, Carla C.
Lopez, Elizabeth M.

General Services
Gonzales, Gloria A.

Bendimez, Nora
Benshoof, William E.
Gould, Dena A.
Miller, Deirdre C.
Montellano, Frank
Mowrer, Micaela
Scurry, Castradell
Thomas, William

Office of Finance
Hanna, Cyndia V.

Personnel Department
Barbee, Vanessa M.

Planning Department
Police Department
Askew, Eric R.
Basilgo, Daniel T.
Bravo, Luzviminda C.
Brown, Shaton D.
Cruz, Laura
Cureton, Ricci L.
Dale, Christopher
Derby-Grant, Mary J.
Goode, Gloria D.
Johnson, Audrinee Y.
Kelton, Annette J.
Kurt, John
Lopez, Bertha
Martin, Stephanie F.
McDonald, Toni M.
Merrick, Renee O.
Myers, Marsha J.
Neri, Salvador
Nelson, Albert L.
Pace, Miyana U.
Park, Debra A.
Patillo, Ulric J.
Roberson, Stefani D.
Sherman, Mechelle M.
Sinohue, Sally
Torres, Norma J.
Unterburger, Gloria
Willis, Michelle
Woodard, Delbra

Public Works
Aguirre, Virginia
Edwards, Brenetta
Lapides, David
Moore, Sheryl A.
Narvaez, Elias
Schuyler, James
Singh, Vasdev
Williams, Vanessa L.

Recreation and Parks
Hall, Maxine G.
Peters, Kathryn

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