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Administrative Clerk, Los Angeles Public Library

Local 3090 member Tony Jordan, 52, has spent nearly half his life as an administrative clerk in the West Los Angeles branch of the city’s public library. With 20 years on the job interacting with the public, processing and checking out materials, he enjoys being a familiar face to patrons.

Communications Information Representative, Department of Sanitation

Local 3090 member Regina Genovese can remember the exact date she began working for the City of Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of her father and uncle before her.

Senior Administrative Clerk, LAPD

Not all police heroes wear badges. Local 3090 member Williana Johnson has served the public working for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) since 2007. She began her career as an administrative clerk and recently secured a promotion to senior administrative clerk. A “Jill-of-all-trades” in the department’s personnel division, she regularly assists sworn officers, civilian employees and visitors alike with employment verification, personnel package verification and miscellaneous clerical duties.

Pilot Dispatcher, Port of Los Angeles

Mark Edward Nero profiles AFSCME 3090 member James Dixon for Pacific Maritime Magazine. Read the article here.

Clerk Typist, Dept. of Building and Safety

Tatia Wade is a clerk typist for the City's Dept. of Building and Safety. With 20 years on the job, she is very good at what she does.

Sure, Wade can type better than 90-words-per-minute when she last tested. And her big smile is always welcoming anyone who needs her help.

Accounting Clerk I, Office of Finance, City of Los Angeles

When Jeff Slottow heads in to work, he drops in from the rafters on a thin wire, then keys in a secret code to open a vault, all the while being careful not to trigger the most sophisticated alarm system in the world. Okay, maybe that was Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, but as an accounting professional working in the City's Dept. of Finance, Slottow does in fact operate a double-custody vault first thing every morning for the City of Los Angeles.

Customer Information Representative III, 311 Call Center, City of Los Angeles

As a 311 Call Center Representative for the City of Los Angeles, Tammy Garner witnesses firsthand how much impact a single phone call can have on making a person’s day run smoother. Her center takes non-emergency calls, but a downed tree limb or a blocked alley can put a kink in a huge, complex system. It’s her job to make sure those kinks get ironed out.

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