Jeff Slottow

When Jeff Slottow heads in to work, he drops in from the rafters on a thin wire, then keys in a secret code to open a vault, all the while being careful not to trigger the most sophisticated alarm system in the world. Okay, maybe that was Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, but as an accounting professional working in the City's Dept. of Finance, Slottow does in fact operate a double-custody vault first thing every morning for the City of Los Angeles.

Slottow is an Accounting Clerk 1, an important player in the intricate dance that keeps the City of Los Angeles running well.

“First thing I do each morning is operate one of the combinations on the vault,” Slottow said. “The vault stores financial records of the cash and debt management division of the Office of Finance, and other divisions as well.”

One of his primary tasks is to maintain a log of the wires and payments that they are going to make on behalf of other departments. In other words, he helps keep the financial house in order.

“Every department requires us to make payments on their behalf because we’re the bank of the City,” Slottow said.

As a member of AFSCME 3090 he said the union has benefitted him greatly over the years simply by being at his side when he needed support. He was also a member of the negotiating team for nearly a decade from the mid 1980's to the mid 1990's.

Looking back, Slottow said, “negotiations were smooth back then." As for today's current negotiating atmosphere, "This is an unprecedented time,” Slottow said.


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