Clerk Typist, Dept. of Building and Safety

Tatia Wade is a clerk typist for the City's Dept. of Building and Safety. With 20 years on the job, she is very good at what she does.

Sure, Wade can type better than 90-words-per-minute when she last tested. And her big smile is always welcoming anyone who needs her help.

But deep inside the Dept. of Building and Safety, in the Commercial Inspection Bureau sector, Wade is a liaison. All modesty aside, she acts as a middleman between contractors, engineers and city inspectors. “My position is essential, especially because the inspectors can’t do the work that we do,” Wade says, praising her fellow workers in the department as well. “They have to deal with the job site.”

She says she and her colleagues are held to a higher standard of customer service because they can’t just pass off an inquiry to someone else. She is the one in the know. She has the answers.

After so many years in the department as well as with AFSCME 3090, Wade feels it is a job well done. Her position has allowed her to raise a daughter on her own. That daughter, in turn, now has a son of her own. “This job allowed me to raise my daughter in a manner and a style that she says she wants to raise her own son. She wants him to have the same experiences she had,” Wade says. “That’s a really good legacy.”

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