Communications Information Representative, Department of Sanitation

Local 3090 member Regina Genovese can remember the exact date she began working for the City of Los Angeles, following in the footsteps of her father and uncle before her.

"It was April 9, 1990," she said.

Genovese, who lives in South Pasadena, spent 18 years working for the City's Department of Animal Services. In 2008, she changed gears and joined the Department of Sanitation, becoming a Communications Information Representative in the call center.

"We assist citizens who call in and report problems with services, missed collections or bill problems," she explained.

The department's call center fields about 4,000 calls per day with approximately 100 employees and contract workers manning the phones. Genovese once answered 182 calls in a single day.

"My previous job was really active. This is a big change for me," she said. "It can be tedious at times."

What keeps Genovese going is her immense pride in what the department contributes to the public.

"We help serve the health and safety of the city of Los Angeles," she said. "We are going towards more recycling and less trash, lessening our land fields and protecting our environment."

Partly to be more active and social outside of business hours, Genovese recently began attending local union meetings. She has even been training to become her department's union steward.

"The call center has been without a union steward for over two years. The sanitation department is going through changes so I decided to step up to the plate. The union has a strong brother sister relationship and I want to keep that going. I feel the world we are living in today is going away from that."

When she's not answering calls, Genovese, who has been married for five years, enjoys the comfort of a cool, dark movie theater with her husband.

"Any true stories or romance movies," she said. "Or sometimes a good horror flick."

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