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Service Representative, LAPD

Local 3090 member Janelle Harmon has been a police service representative for the Los Angeles Police Department for over 15 years. Harmon and her colleagues at the Valley Dispatch Center in West Hills work directly with LAPD officers, operating the 9-1-1 dispatch lines and monitoring radio frequencies, to address emergency situations in the community.

Although she admits the weight of the job can take its toll, Harmon takes great pride in the responsibility her department shoulders.

“I enjoy being a police service representative,” she said. “One of the core values of the department is serving the community. I take that very seriously, even when I’m off the job.”

That last part isn’t just talk. When Harmon isn’t on the clock, she lends her skillset and time to the local Red Cross, volunteering as a dispatcher to dispense relief aid. She also helps the organization with setting up temporary shelters and processing hotel vouchers for Los Angeles County residents affected by fires who are unable to return home.

“I’m there whenever the [Red Cross] needs me,” she said.

Harmon’s busy work schedule and volunteer efforts make it hard to attend union Local 3090 meetings regularly. However, she’s still a big time advocate.

“Being part of a union is so important because you have a voice,” she said.

She credits the union for helping her fight off an unjust suspension at work.


“I was working with them on disputing a 22-day suspension. Things were at a standstill. I got their help with filing a grievance and we were able to lessen it. It was really nice that my union rep was there with me every step of the way.”

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