Secretary for the Assistant General Manager, Dept. of Aging

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Local 3090 member Mark Moshlak, 44, began volunteering with his mother at senior centers around age 10, visiting and participating in social programs.

Now he dedicates his career to elderly causes as secretary for the assistant general manager of the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging. In his role, Moshlak oversees the clerical division and supervises administrative clerks in the 70-person department that works out of an office in Downtown. He also fields calls and helps direct seniors to department services.

“It’s a small department that does so much,” he said. “It puts our seniors back into action and creates a safety net for them to find the services they need.”

Thousands of Los Angeles County seniors benefit from department-led initiatives like meals on wheels, transportation programs, holiday care packages and the city’s 16 Multipurpose Centers, community hubs for recreation and myriad services. Still, Moshlak believes it’s one of the city’s best kept secrets.

“Before I came into the department I had no idea it existed at all. I quickly discovered how much work is being done to better the lives of seniors, but at the same time many people don’t know about it.”

Moshlak is also a very active union member who frequently attends meetings and sponsored events. He was recently selected as a delegate to attend March’s AFSCME convention in Sacramento, something he called “a great honor”

“The union fights for us, our benefits, and our rights as workers,” he said. “We need to be able to be informed and help against negative publicity and actions from government to try and break up unions and weaken the employee base.”In the spare time life gives him, Moshlak gives back, volunteering in his local community with animal causes, and medical causes like HIV patient and family support groups.

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