Question: What does the musculo-skeletal system consist of?
Answer: The muscles…pulling tendons…moving the bones at their joints…which are held together by ligaments…fed by our blood supply…and controlled by very sensitive nerves.

Question: What two general categories does CTD (cumulative trauma disorder) fall into?
Answer: Repetitive motion and sustained posture.

Question: What are some of the ergonomic concerns during pregnancy?
Answer: Some concerns for pregnant employees are their reaching distance, balance, lifting tasks, and aggravation effects from repetitive motion.

Question: As a pregnant employee, what are some of the potential hazards that might occur in my workplace?
Answer: Awkward posture, heavy lifting, limited rest periods, repetitive force, back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

Question: As a pregnant employee, what are some job modifications that should be considered?
Answer: Assign less physical tasks; restrict lifting, adjust hours, vary tasks to avoid static posture, install footrest, adjust height of work surface and chairs, limit standing time, modify break scheduled (more frequently), reduce the amount of work performed at an awkward height.

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