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January 2 | ABC 7

On Jan. 1, California's Prop 64 went into effect, legalizing recreational marijuana. Los Angeles will become the nation's largest city for pot sales, a business that will net an estimated $50 million a year in additional tax revenues.


January 1 | KPCC

Los Angeles County was a bit late to the bike sharing party but it's been making strides to catch up, with colorful bikes expanding into several new neighborhoods in 2017. But the region is still a bit behind the curve on bike-share ridership.


December 30 | L.A. Times

Two years ago, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti celebrated a milestone in his campaign to make City Hall more efficient. Time spent on hold during calls to the city's 311 phone service fell to just about a minute, from the nearly four-minute wait before Garcetti took office.


December 28 | Newsweek

The Los Angeles City Council has voted unanimously to raise wages for 10,000 LAX workers and require fully-paid emergency response training to protect travelers at the nations’ second busiest airport.


December 27 | Boston Real Estate Times

Angels Landing Partners LLC, a 100% minority-owned team comprised of the Peebles Corporation, MacFarlane Partners and Claridge Properties, has been selected by the City Council of the City of Los Angeles to manage development of the coveted Angels Landing Site, and will build the tallest building in the Western US as part of the plan.


December 26 | L.A. Times

The honeymoon could soon be over between Los Angeles and the trash companies picked to carry out the city’s huge new recycling program.


December 21 | CBS LA

The Hollywood sign is naturally a hot tourist attraction when visitors descend on Southern California during the holidays. Los Angeles city officials just want to make sure the famous sign -- and the hills around it -- don't catch fire.


December 20 | KPCC

The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission wants to know more about how lobbyists are seeking to influence city officials.


December 14 | L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Fire Department dispatched drones for the first time while battling a wildfire this month as firefighters took on the Skirball fire in Bel-Air.


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