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November 23 | Los Angeles Sentinel

More than 100 community and faith leaders heard appalling stories of abuses and injustices from warehouse workers and truck drivers who move goods that flow through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. During a Nov. 9 hearing of the Truth Commission to End Abuse at L.A. Ports, employees shared the many challenges they face on a daily basis while working to feed themselves and their families.


November 21 | Daily Bruin

Street vendors may soon be able to legally peddle their goods in Los Angeles, but some vendors and activists think the regulations that would govern street vending would be too strict. The City of Los Angeles is considering a plan to legalize street vending, which would permit sidewalk vendors to peddle their goods on city streets, including in Westwood.


November 21 | LA Weekly

After years of existing in a legal gray area, marijuana entrepreneurs now appear to have a clear pathway to full-on legal sales. The state of California recently unveiled emergency rules under which sellers, makers, growers and deliverers of cannabis can apply for permits. At the same time, the Los Angeles City Council is considering what appear to be final drafts of local rules for entrepreneurs. Recreational marijuana sales, approved by voters last year, are scheduled to begin Jan. 1.


November 20 | New York Times

There have been governors and generals, senators and members of Congress, secretaries of state and vice presidents. There was even a billionaire business executive chosen as commander in chief.


November 20 | LA Daily News

Antonio Villaraigosa collected the endorsement Monday of a former colleague, Los Angeles Council President Herb Wesson, during a news conference in downtown Los Angeles. “I am here to throw my weight behind Antonio Villaraigosa to become the next governor of the greatest state on the planet, California,” Wesson said. “Rarely do we have the opportunity to get behind somebody that has walked the streets that we walk and has faced the challenges that we have faced, somebody who can relate to us, somebody who understands us, and that’s my dear friend and my dear buddy for almost 30 years, Antonio Villaraigosa,” he added. Wesson was the council president when Villaraigosa was mayor of Los Angeles. Both also share the a similar political resume, having both served as speaker of the Assembly.


November 14 | LA School Report

The city’s education community sent a clear message Tuesday from downtown Los Angeles to legislators in Sacramento: the governor’s funding formula has not “fixed” the state’s woefully underfunded public education system. The LA Unified school board unanimously approved a resolution to spend resources to advocate in Sacramento to double education funding by 2020 to $20,000 in per-pupil revenue for students in public schools. Numerous organizations expressed their support for the board’s action.


November 10 | Los Angeles Sentinel

The Los Angeles City Council set a goal Wednesday of transitioning the city to a 100 percent zero-emission municipal bus fleet by 2030, matching the goal already set by Metro for its buses countywide. The city operates a fleet primarily powered by natural gas. The new electric goal puts it in alignment with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s recent pledge — included in the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration he signed in Paris — for the city to purchase only zero-emission buses by 2025.


November 8 | NBC LA

A Los Angeles City Council committee recommended Tuesday that the city take a closer look at the health of residents near the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility and examine the quality of their drinking water. The move comes in response to an independent report that raised questions about both.


November 6 | My News LA

A Los Angeles City Council committee is scheduled Monday to examine a plan to tighten up rules on banks that want to do business with the city as a response to the Wells Fargo fake accounts scandal. The City Council approved a motion in November that would amend the city’s Responsible Banking Investment Monitoring Ordinance to require that banks doing business with the city adhere to responsible banking practices, including not setting “predatory sales goals.


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