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Feb. 28 | KTLA

Twenty years ago, one of the wildest shootouts the country had ever seen unfolded in Los Angeles’ North Hollywood neighborhood — and live on the television sets of people across the country.


Feb. 27 | Los Angeles Downtown News

Los Angeles Downtown News urges a “No” vote on Measure S. While plenty needs adjusting in the relationship between developers and city officials, the measure’s two-year moratorium on projects that require a city General Plan amendment or certain zone or height changes would hamper the growth of Downtown Los Angeles, and could worsen a housing crisis across the entire city.


Feb. 24 | LA Times

The Times has criticized the measure since it was first proposed in November 2015. Why? For several reasons, but the first is the fact that a ballot measure is a terrible way to conduct planning. It allows special interests with lots of money (in this case, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation) to take advantage of low-turnout elections to impose self-serving policies without the analysis and discussion that would occur in the usual legislative process.


Feb. 20 | KPCC

Los Angeles city leaders, flush with $1.2 billion in voter-approved bonds for homeless housing, are now trying to figure out how to spend that money as quickly as possible.


Feb. 16 | LA Times

Assembly Bill 943 from Democratic Assemblyman Miguel Santiago increases the threshold from a simple majority to a two-thirds supermajority for passage of any local ballot measure that would block or delay development. Santiago said the legislation would ensure local governments couldn’t further restrict housing supply in the state.


Feb. 15 | LA County Federation of Labor

LA can’t afford to lose 12,000 jobs each year. But that’s what Measure S would cost us. Getting rid of thousands of jobs means also getting rid of millions in wages that working families rely on to survive.


Feb. 14 | LA Times

Measure H on the March 7 ballot would produce a projected $3.55 billion for homeless programs over 10 years. The tax increase would raise the sales tax rate to 9% across most of Los Angeles County and up to 10% in a few communities. Because it would increase taxes, it requires a two-thirds majority to pass.


Feb. 13 | KPCC

In the city of Los Angeles, voters will decide whether to re-elect Mayor Eric Garcetti. Any candidate could win the race outright in the primary with more than 50 percent of the votes.


Feb. 13 | ABC 7

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti declared himself strongly opposed to the Calexit on this month's edition of Ask the Mayor on “Eyewitness Newsmakers.”


Feb. 11 | LA Times

The most important decision Los Angeles voters will make on March 7 is whether to support or oppose Measure S, a slow-growth, anti-development ballot measure cloaked in the language of government reform.


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