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Aug. 15 | L.A. Times

A key committee of the Los Angeles City Council rejected a plan Tuesday for putting 15 homes near a freeway interchange, in part over the potential health risks from car and truck pollution.


August 14 | LA Weekly

Walking into Compton’s Grocery Outlet on a Tuesday afternoon, one finds a surprisingly cheery scene for a supermarket. Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” plays on the loudspeakers, a young security guard greets shoppers as they enter, and the aisles are labeled with bright colors and jaunty signs. Kia Patterson, the owner-operator of this Rosecrans Avenue store, has only held the reins for three months but has already become a bit of a local celebrity.


August 13 | LA Daily News

They mourned. They marched. They demanded leadership and accountability. Southern California residents of various ages, backgrounds and faiths condemned bigotry and violence a day after an Ohio man allegedly plowed his car into a crowd that had been protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Heather Heyer, 32, was killed as she crossed the street and at least 19 others were injured.


August 11 | Curbed LA

Known for strip malls and shopping centers and rows of single-family homes, the Valley is often thought of as somehow separate from Los Angeles—though most of its communities have been part of the city for over 100 years. But that perception may start to slip away as new transit options and LA’s rising cost of living draw in new residents and development dollars. In advance of some of these changes, we caught up with several active community members in the Valley to get their take on the region’s future.


August 11 | LA Times

Nothing about Los Angeles’ quest to host the Summer Olympics for a third time has been straightforward or easy. The private committee pursuing the bid was named as the sole U.S. candidate for 2024 only after the first choice, Boston, withdrew.


August 9 | Inside Sources

Although voters passed referendums legalizing recreational marijuana in California and Massachusetts in November, regulators at the state and local level are still working out how to manage the new industry. One of the key areas has been finance–a potential point of conflict between the federal and state governments. The Treasury Department reports that out of the 12,000 banks in the U.S., only 368 serve the cannabis industry. Now, the city of Los Angeles is considering becoming one of them by creating a municipal bank to serve the cannabis industry and the city’s needs for housing and other services.


August 7 | SoCal Patch

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, responding Monday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' move to cut off some federal grants to sanctuary cities, said the new guidelines are confusing and unclear while threatening legal action.


July 31 | The Mercury News

The race to replace Southern California’s biggest polluter is on. It’s going to take science, time, money – and maybe an assist from Elon Musk. At the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, an ambitious $14 billion clean-air plan calls for the elimination of dirty-burning diesel equipment by 2035 – $9 billion just to purchase and deploy trucks.


July 31 | LA Daily News

Los Angeles will host the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games as part of a deal in which Paris will hold the 2024 Games, according to sources familiar with negotiations between the city and the International Olympic Committee.


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