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Dec. 5 | Los Angeles Downtown News

Huizar, whose district includes Downtown Los Angeles and Boyle Heights, neighborhoods that overlap the California 34th Congressional District that Becerra currently represents, announced this morning that he will remain in his council post. He said this is the case despite some early polling that identified him as the “frontrunner.”


Nov. 30 | LA Times

Victor Gordo, attorney with the Coalition of L.A. City Unions, said he is sure that Santana did “what he personally believed was the right thing.” But he also argued that some of Santana’s financial recommendations did not work as planned.


Nov. 30 | NBC Southern California

The Los Angeles City Council set into motion Wednesday the initial stages of a $1.4 billion plan to repair a backlog of broken sidewalks that will allow the city to turn over the responsibility of future upkeep to property owners.


Nov. 30 | KPCC

An ordinance to "ban the box" asking about job applicants' criminal histories on application forms was approved by the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday. It applies to L.A. businesses with 10 or more employees, as well as city contractors, and it could impact hundreds of thousands of people in L.A., according to Councilman Curren Price.


Nov. 29 | Curbed Los Angeles

Plans for a new streetcar system servicing Downtown Los Angeles keep chugging right along, with the LA City Council unanimously certifying the project’s environmental impact report at its Tuesday meeting.


Nov. 22 | LA Times

The building boom that has transformed downtown over the last decade pushed farther south Tuesday, with the Los Angeles City Council approving a $1.2-billion residential, hotel and retail project below the 10 Freeway in the city’s historic South Central core.


Nov. 21 | LA Times

A Times analysis of precinct data found a surge of voter support for transit spending across the county, even in areas far from the urban core where transit service is less frequent and more residents drive, and in communities that are not slated to receive highway or rail projects.


Nov. 21 | KPCC

Supervisor Hilda Solis is proposing the county sheriff's department "act swiftly to proactively contact communities likely to be targeted" and reassure them that the immigration status of victims or witnesses won't be questioned, this to encourage the reporting of hate crimes.


Nov. 18 | LA Times

Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson announced Thursday he’ll seek to hire an immigrant advocate to take on the effort and pursue policies to prevent L.A. residents from being deported. He also said the city should work with schools and community colleges on strategies to keep families together and prevent deportations.


Nov. 15 | LA Times

During the Obama years, becoming a sanctuary city came with few consequences because the White House pushed for immigration reform, including a path to citizenship for many here without proper documentation. But with President-elect Donald Trump vowing to deport millions of immigrants, the role of sanctuary cities is likely to get more complicated and controversial.


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