Greetings! I hope everyone is having a great summer. 

After more than a year of negotiations and a fair bit of jostling along the way, we can finally say we are coming to the end of the process and will soon have something to present to the membership of AFSCME 3090. 

The Coalition bargaining teams are meeting on Wednesday, August 5 to determine if in fact we have a tentative agreement. At that point, we will be able to begin printing a summary that will be mailed out to the membership for ratification. 

Our joint communications teams are working on the summary and message. We will be holding worksite meetings to explain the contract and make sure all your questions are answered. Stay tuned. 

There are a few other things to look forward to in August. We took a break from our membership meeting in July and our first meeting back will take place on Wednesday, August 5. We encourage you to come with any questions and concerns you may have. And don’t forget to bring your membership card and a colleague with you to be eligible for a gift. 

Also in August, District Council 36 will be holding its annual local stewards training August 28-30 in San Pedro. Stewards are our first line activists and liaisons in the workplace who can assist other members. This is a great opportunity for training that provides supportive instruction in real-life scenarios for beginning, intermediate and advanced stewards. If you’re interested please call the office and register by August 7. If you have already registered, thank you. 

In labor news, our struggle continues with public sector workers coming under new attacks almost daily. Not only do we have to fend off legislation from anti worker politicians, but we now we have a very dangerous case that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear. In the case of Friedrichs v California Teachers Association, the Court will rule on overturning a long-standing Supreme Court case that requires nonmembers to pay agency fees – a fee for service. 

The plaintiffs want the benefits of a negotiated contract and representation without having to pay for it. So at stake is the eradication of the agency fee payer rule. If the plaintiffs are victorious, “right to work” would essentially be the law of the land in the public sector, which would undermine our ability to collectively bargain for your wages, benefits and working conditions. You can read more about this potentially dangerous case here.


In the meantime, encourage any agency fee payers you know to become card-carrying members of Local 3090 with the ability to fully participate in the Union. It will make for a stronger Union and a better workplace in the end.

See you there!

In solidarity,
Alice Goff, President, AFSCME 3090

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