On Monday, September, 21st some 20 volunteers gathered at the Union office after work to count ballots cast by AFSCME 3090 members on the contract. At the end of the long night, the final count was tallied with a resounding “Thumbs Up!” The process continues with the “read through” to ensure the accuracy of the language and we are hopeful that the final approval by the City Council will happen by mid November.

This is a time for our members as well the residents of LA to celebrate. At the end of intense and numerous sessions, we were able to restore services and the staffing levels necessary to deliver quality service. Communities in Los Angeles will benefit from local hiring practices that will boost the economy and lower the unemployment. Our groundbreaking partnership with community organizations, clergy and faith based organizations to do nontraditional bargaining is being broadly acknowledged. We, along with the rest of the Coalition of LA City Unions, were able to secure a balanced and fair contract that benefits workers and our communities alike.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process – from the solidarity of our voice at the rallies to the silent strength of simply casting a vote. This is the power of unionism and we need you to be active as there are many more challenges ahead of us. As always, I encourage you to attend our next membership meeting which will be held on Saturday, November 7 at 10:00 a.m. and will be the last membership meeting of 2015.

I would also like to extend a huge thank you to our community partners in the Fix LA Campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you.

In other news, our International Executive Board voted to endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. In a statement, AFSCME President Lee Saunders said:

We gathered feedback on presidential candidates and their vision for America from members throughout the country through polling, surveys and town hall meetings with the candidates seeking our endorsement. … AFSCME members want the candidate who will tackle the issues that affect our quality of life, like paid family and sick leave, student loan debt and retirement security.

What we also heard was AFSCME members want the candidate who will be the most effective champion for working families, and who will be able to deliver a victory in this critically important election.

What we heard most, is that AFSCME members believe that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

Finally, check out our new AFSCME 3090 logo at the top of this page. Members at the September meeting selected it as the favorite. We think it’s descriptive of our memberships’ reach across the entire city.

In solidarity,
Alice Goff, President

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