Spring is here, and as this season of renewal begins, Local 3090, along with the rest of the labor movement, is digging deep to renew our activism and fight the many forces arrayed against public sector employees and other working families. 2016 is a presidential election year, so just as we want a voice in the direction of our country we want a voice in our union. We’re doing our part to mobilize and keep the lifeblood of the local alive and well.

We have been traveling around the city for worksite meetings where members have been signing new membership cards and agency-fee payers have been signing up for full membership in their union. As a movement, this is very encouraging and exciting to see to see new faces getting involved and longtime members recommitting to the AFSCME 3090 family. By now you have probably heard that there was a tie vote at the Supreme Court on the Friedrichs v. CTA case.  This means that the lower court’s ruling in favor of public sector unions stands and affirms the 40-year-old case that says people who chose not to be a member of the union must pay a fee for service. After all, everyone in the unit gets the full benefits of the negotiated contract and the right to representation. Is there anywhere you can go, get a service, and then decide you won’t pay for it? We can’t let our guard down, however, because there are similar suits working their way through the court system – all seeking to weaken the union’s ability to speak with one voice on behalf of workers.

If you would like to be more involved, I encourage you to take a look at the AFSCME Strong program. Right along with committed membership is the ability to join together to have a voice in supporting candidates for public office who support working people. The AFSCME People program is another way to contribute by pooling our small donations to fight large, well-funded anti-union agendas.

The Local recently held two very well-attended training sessions for those taking the Senior Administrative Clerk examination. This training focused on the written portion and we will provide oral interview training as well. Examinations are finally being given and because of how long it has been since there were active lists, the process will be very competitive. We will assist you with being prepared in order to do well. Some of this is the result of the jobs program which we were able to negotiate to fill critical vacancies and bring new employees into the city and help to alleviate the challenging workload.     

At our last membership meeting, Wendy Li, a member who works the Department of Building and Safety was nominated and confirmed as a trustee for the Local. The job of the trustee is to review the finances of the local and ensure that an independent audit is carried out.

I encourage you to attend our monthly membership meetings where dinner and camaraderie is provided. Be sure to bring your membership card as there is a “Proud to be a member” drawing at each meeting. 

Our next membership meeting is Wednesday, April 6 at 6:30 p.m.  See you there!

In solidarity,
Alice Goff


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