With contract negotiations rapidly approaching, I want to thank all the members who took the time to respond to the survey that was recently sent out.  The survey response will help us determine your priorities on issues.  We will be able to gather information about what is going on at your workplace.  It is also critical that we are able to demonstrate to city management where our members are on the socio economic round.  As I have been saying for several months now, this will be a difficult round of bargaining and if you’re paying attention to the various newspapers, the CAO has once again begun bargaining in the press.  This adds to the difficulty of overcoming that branding of us as "greedy public employees."

AFSCME District Council 36 Executive Director Cheryl Parisi attended the March membership meeting to offer her insight on the importance of this contract and what we need from the membership in order for these negotiations to be successful. She related what we all know too well - that many of our departments have been decimated over the past seven years and how many of us are now doing the work of two or three of our colleagues who are no longer there.

But the city's economy is on the finally on the mend, thanks in large part to many of the concessions that Local 3090 members along with thousands of other LA City Coalition members have made over the past several years.  Revenues are up over projections for LA.  A strong indicator that the economy is finally turning around is the large number of tourists coming into our city, more than they have in years – that’s why this should not be a concessionary contract. It's time to restore services to LA City residents, not make further cuts.

The bargaining team has been formed and represents a cross section of our membership and departments with large numbers of members.  Team members are Alice Goff, President, Carmen Hayes-Walker, Vice President, Adriane Buchanan, Department of Building and Safety, Jeanette Argentin, Harbor Department, Monica De la Torre, Police Department, MaryAnn Peters, Library Department, Kathy Peters, Department of Recreation and Parks, Sam Lapides, LACERS and Tammy Garner, ITA.  The bargaining team will not be able to do this alone.

As we get into full swing, we will need to be able to communicate with you and to respond quickly to your questions and concerns.  The rumor mill is not the place to get good information.  If you are receiving this information and your co-worker is not, please ask them to go onto the website www.afscme3090.org and sign up with a personal email address.  You can also follow us on facebook here.

Once again, YOU ARE THE UNION.  Our success is directly related to your action.

In Solidarity,

Alice Goff

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