Sisters & Brothers,

There are times, which we can't always explain, where we revisit actions of misconduct in society and in the workplace. Where the actions were always horrible, but when the issue raises its ugly head again, we are just as shocked and appalled as though the conduct was brand-new. We are currently experiencing a major conversation as a society with how we talk about, report and address sexual harassment in the workplace. Every day seems to bring to light new allegations of a person in power using that power to commit acts of harassment, assault and more. Some of these situations are heinous, others seemingly less so, such as inappropriate comments or glancing touches. All are wrong, and I'm gratified that victims of such circumstances are coming out of the shadows to be heard, and that the perpetrators of such actions will be held accountable.

AFSCME Local 3090 is always concerned about the safety and wellbeing of our members in the workplace, including any circumstances of sexual misconduct. The Los Angeles Times recently published an article revealing that the city of Los Angeles has "no centralized method for tracking sexual harassment complaints," this despite having 45,000 employees. Though I am pleased that there is a proposal for a phone and website hotline for employees and the public to log sexual harassment complaints, I'm frustrated there was not already a system in place so that we can track progress in addressing the issue and make periodic adjustments to the process, based on real data and information. Local 3090 is eager to work with the City on developing and implementing the best system possible for your protection. Again, your safety in the workplace is our utmost concern.

We want to hear from you, AFSCME 3090 members, about your experiences as it relates to sexual harassment in the workplace. Have you been a victim of sexual harassment? Did you report it to anyone? Do you feel the issue was handled and resolved appropriately? Is sexual harassment an issue in your workplace?

Please take two minutes to fill out this anonymous survey and share your experience so we as a union can better understand the wellbeing of our members.


In Unity,
Carmen Hayes-Walker

Alice Goff

Carmen Hayes-Walker
President AFSCME 3090

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