Member Profiles

Meet Sharon Domitorio

Police Service Representative, LAPD When Angelenos dial 911 with an emergency – or even a barking dog or illegal parking complaint – it’s dispatchers like Local 3090 member Sharon Dormitorio on the line ready to help. During each eight-hour shift, Dormitorio fields over 100 calls, dispatching the appropriate response units and calming callers down. With…
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Meet Albert Nelson

Police Service Representative, LAPD “We’re the lifeline of the public”, Albert Nelson says, “and if they didn’t have us, they’d have mayhem.” He’s probably right. For nearly three decades, Nelson has been with the LAPD as a police service representative (PSR) filling various roles, including spending 20 years as a 911 dispatcher answering emergency calls…
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Meet Maria Reyes

Senior Administrative Clerk, LAPD Personnel Dept. Maria Reyes found her niche on the personnel team at the Los Angeles Police Department three years ago after transferring from the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department, where she was also a Local 3090 member, serving as an administrative clerk and working the phones since 2004. “Most…
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