Local 3090 Business Representatives

Lori Condinus
Office: (213) 487-9887
Email: lcondinus@afscme36.org

Karla Salazar
Office: (213) 252-1313
Email: Karla@afscme36.org

Luciana Giorgi
Office: (213) 458-3888
Email: luciana@afscme36.org

Wayne Palica
Cell: (619) 339-4484
Email: Wpalica@afscme36.org

Area Assignments

Karla Salazar

  • LAPD
  • FIRE
  • LAWA (except call center)
  • LACERS (except call center)
  • Animal Services
  • City Attorney
  • Dept on Disability
  • Planning

Luciana Giorgi

  • Personnel
  • Library – 3090
  • All Part Time – * Shared with Lori
  • Rec & Parks
  • Zoo
  • Aging
  • El Pueblo
  • Cultural Affairs

Lori Condinus

  • D.O.T.
  • Housing
  • ITA
  • Finance
  • Harbor Department
  • Economic & Workforce Development
  • Emergency Management
  • Department of Cannabis
  • City Clerk
  • Controllers
  • CAO
  • Council
  • General Services
  • Neighborhood Empowerment
  • Livability Services
  • Title V Employ Stimulus
  • *Share Part Time with Luciana

Business Rep Bios

Lori Condinus

Business Representative, DC 36

AFSCME 3090 welcomes new business representative Lori Condinus. Her territory includes the Los Angeles City team, Commerce, the Midway Sanitation District and the Orange County Sanitation District.

“I’m kind of all over,” said Condinus who began her new position in December of 2019.

A veteran union administrator with more than 30 years in organized labor, Condinus worked extensively in the hospitality industry. She started her career at the Anaheim Hilton and served as a shop steward for UNITE HERE Local 681 before it merged with Local 11. In addition to leading campaigns in Orange County, Condinus helped develop UNITE HERE’s diversity program and has also helped to mentor African Americans who want to enter the hospitality industry.

She moves from the private to the public sector with a sense of excitement. The new position will present yet another opportunity “to right the wrongs of the employer and speak for those folks who felt they had no voice.”

“AFSCME has had a storied history in the Civil Rights movement and with Dr. King and that has always appealed to me,” Condinus said. “It’s my goal to help connect the Local with communities so we can forge a path forward and help the crisis we’re in now, with COVID and with racial inequities. I think AFSCME can really be a leader in that and help come up with some solutions.”

Luciana Giorgi

Business Representative, DC 36

AFSCME District Council 36 Business Representative Luciana Giorgi was struggling reaching a member who was having trouble at work. She needed to gather some information in order to help save the member’s job. So what did Luciana do? She drove two hours round trip to the member’s home to check in and see what the problem was.

Luciana met with the member, a long-time employee with no history of discipline who was facing some unexpected life changes, and got the info she needed.

“It’s really satisfying when I can help make a difference in a member’s life,” Luciana said. “I’ve actually had the ability to save jobs. That’s what’s rewarding. That’s what’s so satisfying about the job.”

Luciana has worked for District Council 36 for 10 years, wearing many hats. For the past two years, she’s worked as a Business Representative, working on grievances on members’ behalf, keeping members informed of what’s happening with their union, and participating in negotiations.

One challenge that Luciana faces is when an employee has a legitimate grievance, but is afraid to take any action out of fear of retaliation. “The challenges we face are when a member contacts us and has concerns, and then doesn’t want to move forward with those concerns,” she said.

Luciana’s territory covers all of Los Angeles, from Animal Services and the Department of Transportation to the Zoo and libraries.

“I’ve always believed in unions,” Luciana said. “I knew they were there to protect my job.”