A Sneak Peak of Good Tidings

A little over half of my current term as your President is over. It seems like just yesterday that the ballots were being counted! In that time, I have met so many of you at our site visits to discuss issues that are important to you. I have enjoyed each minute getting to know you, your co-workers, and to learn more about each classification. I truly am humbled at the hard work and professionalism each of you possess. YOU are what keeps the city of Los Angeles running.

We are in the process of finalizing our next contract. As soon as I have specifics and can discuss them with you, I will. I look forward to a great 2024 representing you.

I want to take a minute to thank a few of you. First and foremost, our incredible Executive Board. When faced with so many issues when we were first voted in, each one of you did your part to protect our members and see to it that the Local was built back up and stronger than ever. THANK YOU! To each of our hard-working business representatives, you all are amazing! You have put up with my learning curves with generosity and professionalism. The amount I have learned this past year is in large part because of you. Thank you for all you do for our members each day. You amaze me with the amount you do with the resources you have.

And lastly, but certainly not least…I want to thank each of you. I have truly enjoyed getting to know each of you throughout my presidency. Once negotiations are over, I plan on getting back in the field and visiting as many of you as possible. Please reach out to me so that we can put your work location on the schedule to visit. I want to meet you, see firsthand what you do each day, and offer any support I can.

I wish each one of you a very Happy Holiday and a healthy New Year. Together we will make 2024 the best year ever!

In Unity and Solidarity,

Larry Gates

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