L.A. City Vaccine Mandate Guidance

The Coalition of City Unions is in active bargaining with the City over their proposed Mandatory Vaccination Policy. While the City might make a decision on vaccinations, they are required to negotiate with the unions representing City employees over the effects or impacts those decisions may have. As always, we are vigorously defending the rights of our members on the job.

While the City has proposed mandatory vaccinations with accommodations for medical conditions or sincerely held religious beliefs, they have not proposed that any of our members be terminated based on their vaccinated status.

While we continue to encourage our members to get vaccinated to protect the health of themselves, their families, and the public, we oppose depriving our members of earned promotions and desired transfers.

We are continuing to advocate for a holistic approach to stopping the deadly Delta variant, including a frequent and robust testing option for members who have yet to be vaccinated. We are proposing that all testing for employees be done on City time and paid for by the City of L.A.

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