Meet Albert Nelson

Police Service Representative, LAPD

“We’re the lifeline of the public”, Albert Nelson says, “and if they didn’t have us, they’d have mayhem.”

He’s probably right.

For nearly three decades, Nelson has been with the LAPD as a police service representative (PSR) filling various roles, including spending 20 years as a 911 dispatcher answering emergency calls and facilitating support services from police and fire units. But when health problems struck seven years ago, Nelson transitioned into a new role as a Property Disposition Coordinator for LAPD Mission Detectives. In the position, which Nelson described as “highly coveted” by PSRs, he’s responsible for Investigative Holds (IH), Authorized Releases (AR), and Authorized Destruction (AR) of all property and evidence that comes into custody.

“In my position, I greatly appreciate the independence and total autonomy I have that requires no direct supervisory oversight,” Nelson said.

His commitment to the wellbeing of Los Angeles may only be matched by his commitment to his union. Nelson, who lives in Northridge, has been a card-carrying member for 27 years and a steward for most of that time.

“In this post-Janus era, I appreciate my Union now more than ever,” he said. “My attitude of gratitude for the union is much more prevalent now as I become more aware of our hard fought accomplishments, which are seemingly and often taken for granted.”

As a seasoned member, Nelson said he tries to offer insight to younger members and raise awareness for

“It’s my hope that our enlightened members see the big picture and the great essential necessity of a strong union; its great value and awesome accomplishments throughout the years. Now, more than ever, we need the union and the union needs us! Rise up!”

Off the job, Nelson is passionate about giving back and volunteering to combat the city’s homelessness crisis. He’s also an avid poker player.

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