Meet Jennifer Fay

The film production company said they would only be hanging LED string lights in the trees, but when Park Activity Monitor and 3090 member Jennifer Fay arrived on set, she told them to take down the dozens of heavy laterns and chandeliers that could spark a fire. “You would have needed sunglasses at night,” Jennifer laughs, referring to the wattage generated by the unpermitted lights. Although the hundred-plus film crew members weren’t enthused, Jennifer wasn’t going to neglect her duty to preserve Los Angeles’ natural beauty. The lights came down.

“I absolutely love my job,” Jennifer explains, adding that “it’s very esoteric, and it’s always different.”

With a background in sales, Jennifer first started working for the city about ten years ago, and joined 3090 approximately a year ago. “It was an accident how I became involved in the union. I had been keeping a list of issues that I had with the city that didn’t seem right”—including the fact that Park Activity Monitors, despite a provision in their MOU that states they should receive funds for the mileage they travel to protect the thousands of square miles that make up Los Angeles County’s filming locations, have yet to be reiumbursed.

When President Gates and Vice President Murillo received a copy of her list, they encouraged her to bring up these discrepanices in front of the City Council. Now, Jennifer is not only advocating for her fellow Park Activity Monitors, but AFSCME members who live in different states. In May, Jennifer and four other 3090 members traveled to Denver, Colorado to help boost enrollment for AFSCME Locals in three counties, including janitorial staff working at Denver University. As a result of 3090’s actions, the Locals were able to enroll enough members to be able to carry out elections, and additional trips are now in the planning stages.

Referring to her sales background, Jennifer speculates that “it may give me an edge. The difference is now I’m actually selling something that’s going to better someone’s life versus fluff.”

The success of the trip has only inspired Jennifer to continue advocating on behalf of the union.

“People stay with the city because it’s good for their families,” she explains. “If you look at how many people are multi-generational city workers, it’s a good thing: people see what their parents have, and they realize that the most important thing to protect is what happens in the future. If we didn’t have a union, that wouldn’t happen.”

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