Meet Leticia Loredo

Secretary, Central Traffic Division, LAPD

Leticia Loredo, 58, remembers the exact day she joined AFSCME 3090.

“It was back in the day,” she said with a chuckle over the phone. “It was July 10, 1989.”

In her three decades working for the City of Los Angeles, Loredo has worked as a secretary in various departments, including Training, Internal Affairs, Central patrol, Property, and Juvenile divisions. Then, four years ago she found a home in the Central Traffic Division, overseeing paperwork and managing. She provides the public and outside agencies with police reports for traffic accidents, and manages internal projects.

“Everything we do is channeled through me,” she said. “I enjoy being able to help everyone and other coworkers around here. Customer service is what I’m good at.”

But what really excites Secretary Loredo is her Department’s involvement in the community.

“We do a lot of education throughout the community,” she said. “We’re talking to kids about looking both ways when crossing the street. We’re talking to parents about buckling up. There’s CPR training. We’re educating bicyclists on proper safety and sharing the road. We’re teaching the community how to prevent collisions.”

Loredo is often telling her coworkers about how important it is to be involved with Local 3090. Before joining the union, Loredo worked in private industry for 12 years.

“Now with my union, I have more job security, better pay and safer conditions,” she said. Loredo frequently attends Local 3090 meetings, shows up for union causes and encourages coworkers to do the same.

“I hear lots of complaining about work situations but if they don’t attend, their voice isn’t heard,” she said. “If our union doesn’t know, how can they act on our behalf? I’m there as much as possible to learn and to continue supporting my union.”

A resident of Northeast Los Angeles, Loredo has two grown kids and is an avid gardener. She spends much of her free time volunteering in local after-school arts programs for kids.

“My favorite is the music we offer,” she said. “Seeing kids who have trouble getting access to instruments, seeing them getting to play them, is really great.”

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