Meet Timoiya Chennault

Administrative Clerk, LAWA

For Timoiya Chennault, the best part of her administrative support job at Los Angeles World Airports – in which her department awards badges to prospective airport employees after they’ve passed their background check – is the end.

“To be able to finish up my part of the job and be able to say, ‘Congratulations, welcome to L.A. airport,’ and give them their badge to start working, it’s a good feeling,” the Local 3090 member said.

Chennault has been with the City of Los Angeles for almost 17 years, including the last 2.5 years at LAWA. She’s been a longtime union member but only recently became more active, soon after a dispute with management at another department in which she was represented by the union.

“At first I was fearful … It was just something that I didn’t think would be winnable,” she said. “And the [union] rep said, ‘No, you’re not giving up, these are your rights and you deserve it, you worked hard for it, why give up? That’s what we’re here for. Let’s fight, voice your opinion.’”

With the union’s help, Chennault won the case.

Since then she’s been talking to her colleagues about why it’s so important to join and be an active part of the union. “I like being able to educate people about [how] we are the union and without us, we wouldn’t be who we are, we wouldn’t be a union, and that’s why it’s important to stick together,” she said.

When she’s not at work or getting involved with Local 3090, Chennault is on a constant quest for self-improvement. She’s enjoys reading motivational books, attending talks by prominent speakers, and taking classes with Toastmasters to boost her own public speaking skills.

“They are beneficial because I’m not as shy as I used to be. I’m getting more comfortable in my skin,” she said of the Toastmaster classes. “I’m just excited about my new journey and becoming a better me.”

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