No Declared Winner for 2023 Local 3090 Trustee Position

Greetings Local 3090 Members,

Thank you for your patience regarding information on the results of the 2023 Local 3090 Trustee Election. After seeking guidance from Council 36 and receiving confirmation from both the Council and attorney from the International, I can now share the following information.

There was NO DECLARED WINNER for the 2023 Local 3090 Trustee Position. Per the Election Manual, a candidate MUST receive the “majority” of the votes cast to be declared elected. There were 110 votes cast out of 2900 eligible voters. Majority means “more than half”, the result in this case needed to be 56. The results were as follows:

Michael McGowan – 52
Rosalyn Davis – 43
Brian McAlister – 15

Because no one candidate reached the “majority”, a RUN-OFF election must be held between the top two candidates with the most votes acquired.

Currently there is no date set for the run-off, but the election committee is working on a date for January 2024. Members will receive notification of the run-off voting date, and all pertinent information, via U.S. mail.

Due to this being an advisement-only notification, a report to the membership is not required because the election is not final due to there being no declared winner. Once the run-off is completed and a winner is declared, a full report will be given to the membership during the membership meeting.

In Unity and Solidarity,
Nicole Simone Murdock, Chairperson
AFSCME Local 3090 Trustee Election Committee

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