Find a Rolling Rally near you and help 3090 negotiate a new, strong contract!

Together, we’re bargaining for the biggest raises in LA City history 

Since August, we have been meeting with City officials to negotiate a new contract that has strong, competitive wages, addresses the understaffing crisis, expands healthcare, protects our secure retirement, and wins us an even stronger union voice on the job. We can only accomplish this by standing in solidarity with each other, because our collective union power is what is going to win us a strong contract. 


 November 8, 2023
5:30am – 7am
North Central Area
140 N. Ave. 19

November 8, 2023
9:30am – 11:30am
Sanitation CLARTS
2201 E. Washington Blvd.

 November 9, 2023
5:30am – 7am
555 Ramirez Street 

 November 13, 2023
12pm – 12:30pm Near C&M (Construction & Maintenance)
500 Pier A, Berth 161 

November 14, 2023
5:30 – 7am 
Sanitation LSD
2649 E. Washington Blvd 

November 14, 2023 
11am – 1pm
Public Works Building
1149 S. Broadway 

 November 15, 2023
5am- 7am
Sanitation West Valley
8840 Vanalden Ave. 

November 15, 2023
11:15am – 1pm
7411 World Way West 

November 30, 2023
5am – 7am
Sanitation East Valley
11050 Pendleton St
Sun Valley 

November 30, 2023 
12000 Vista Del Mar 


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