Prepare for the Payroll System Change

Hello Mighty 3090 Brothers and Sisters,

As we enter the warm summer season, please keep in mind the power of the sun’s rays. Although it may be a welcome change from all our rain and clouds, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

With the transition into the Workday payroll system scheduled for June 16th, we are focused on correcting any unforseen issues that may arise. No one is fully aware of the extent of the disruptions, or even if any disruptions will occur. To protect yourself, please remember the “cut over” date for Workday is this Sunday, June 16th, 2024. Please take the time to ensure your time recorded on Workday is accurate and your paycheck for July 10th, 2024 is correct. Links to do so can be found here:

Unfortunately, the Executive Board recently received the disappointing news that the City is currently unable to process our negotiated bonuses. Although we don’t have an exact date of when the bonuses and retroactive pay will be included in our paychecks, there have been a few “guesses” as to when that will happen. Both the month of September and the beginning of 2025 have been suggested. I am extremely disappointed at the timing, and that we will have to wait longer than we anticipated. However, 3090 is committed to seeking regular updates from the City and will be pushing for expediency.

I apologize for the not-so-good news; however, it is my intention to be as transparent as possible and bring you the latest and most up-to-date information. Again, I will be pushing hard for expediency and will be sending out regular updates.

The good news: we WILL be getting what has been negotiated, EVERY single penny. Sadly, it is taking longer than any of us expected. We did our part in negotiating, and you did your part in ratifying the contract.

Thank you for what you do to make this city run. Keep doing the great work you do each and every day and I will continue to fight for you from this side!

Happy Summer everyone, be safe.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Larry Gates

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