Tips on Transitioning to the Workday Payroll System

As the City transitions our payroll system to Workday this Sunday, June 16th, here are a few actions you can take to ensure that there are no disruptions to your benefits. For details visit KeepingLAwell.com/workday.

Step 1: Check and keep your pay stubs. Check your current pay stubs for your benefit deductions. Ensure they remain on your Workday pay stubs.

Step 2: How to confirm your LAwell Civilian Benefits. Unsure what LAwell Civilian benefits you have? Check your enrollment online through the LAwell Benefits Central Portal. See details at KeepingLAwell.com/workday.

Step 3: Report paystub differences to your benefits to the Employee Benefits Division. Immediately report any deduction differences before and after the Workday transition to the appropriate section of the Employee Benefits Division. Find contact information at KeepingLAWell.com/workday.

Note: Not all benefits are administered by the Employee Benefits Division; Employee unions, associations, LACERS & LAFPP, etc. may also be the appropriate contact.

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